Maintenance updates of JoinMap ® 4 and 4.1

[31 July 2013]
Updates of JoinMap 4 and 4.1 were released with a useful new feature: a new Grouping node menu function 'Assign Identical Loci to Their Groups'. Please read more about the details in the Release notes. The updates are available for free for licensed users.

Maintenance update of MapQTL ® 6

[12 March 2013]
An update of MapQTL 6 was released that corrects an error in IM and MQM analyses on BCBxFy populations.

Textbook hint:

Genetic Mapping in Experimental Populations    

Authors: J.W. Van Ooijen & J. Jansen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Date: August 2013
book cover image
This concise introduction to genetic mapping in diploid species teaches the theory behind map construction, explains the computations involved at each stage, and provides exercises and problem solving tips. It will enable graduate students and researchers in the life sciences to employ methods effectively and to achieve more reliable results.

Key features:
• Practical coverage enables readers to effectively use the currently available software for achieving more reliable results
• Includes a description of eight of the most common map ordering algorithms
• Contains a detailed explanation on map construction in an outbreeding species full-sib family
• Written specifically for life science researchers; does not assume any background in mathematics or statistics

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About Kyazma®

Kyazma was founded in the spring of 2003. The company's goal is to serve the genomics research community with software and courses that may assist scientists in getting the most out of their genetic mapping experiments.

Statistical genomics develops powerful methods for genetical linkage mapping and QTL analysis. These methods are usually too specialised, too technical in statistics, for the many experimental geneticists and molecular biologists to thoroughly understand. It is here that Kyazma likes to assist with software tools that provide easy-as-possible access to statistical genomics methods.

Since 2003 Kyazma has taken over the development of the software packages JoinMap ® and MapQTL ® from Biometris of Plant Research International. Kyazma focuses on implementing the latest powerful statistical genomics methods into easy to use, stable and fast software. Kyazma takes care of the distribution and support of JoinMap and MapQTL, for which you will find all necessary information on this web site.

Kyazma provides introductory courses on genetic linkage mapping and QTL analysis in order to make using the software even more accessible.