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How do you get a price quotation?

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  3. If OK, you can complete the submission.
  4. In response, a price quotation in Adobe PDF format
    will be sent to this e-mail address:

    If you wish to order, however, please go to the Order Form.
    If you are a reseller agent, please read the Reseller information about this form.

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  New JoinMap 4.1 license(s)      
  New MapQTL 6 license(s)      

Only if you wish to upgrade your earlier licenses:

  Regarding these upgrades:
  1) Your organisation must have at least the same number
  of earlier licenses, that are NOT yet upgraded.
  2) They are in addition to the new licenses above.
  JoinMap 4.1 license upgrade(s) from JoinMap 4      
  MapQTL 6 license upgrade(s) from MapQTL 5      

NB: JoinMap and MapQTL are available for the 32-bit MS-Windows platforms XP, Vista and 7 only.
The MS-Windows platforms 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 are not supported, nor is any 64-bit MS-Windows.

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