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MQConvert: MapQTL ® Project conversion utility

The program MQConvert converts projects of MapQTL version 4.0 or 5, so that they can be used in MapQTL version 6. The converted project allows inspection of all current results and of course performing new analyses with MapQTL 6.

MapQTL version 7 can convert a project made with version 6, so that it can open the converted project.

The conversion is not done completely. One minor limitation is that any cofactor monitor file of an (r)MQM analysis does not convert to the "Results (cont'd)" tabsheet; it will simply be copied into the project directory as a text file, thus the information does not get lost. Another small limitation is that the results of each group of each trait in a MapQTL 4.0 project is treated as a separate session in the converted project (as in fact it was in MapQTL 4.0). It is advised to compare the original with the converted project.

If you come across a problem with the conversion of any normal project,
then please contact Kyazma at <support(at)>.

The program is available free of charge under a few limiting conditions.

Instructions for download and use of MQConvert

  1. To download the MQConvert installer (size: ~1 MB), enter the eight characters shown in the image and click the button:
    authorization code

    (Refresh image)

  2. save this file in a temporary directory as 'MQCsetup.exe';
  3. run the 'MQCsetup.exe' installation program and follow instructions;
  4. start MQConvert through the MS-Windows Start menu (standard in the Kyazma folder);
    (the program may be launched through the installer)
  5. MQConvert operates without a special license file or code;
  6. you can use MQConvert free of charge provided you accept the conditions shown during installation and given in the installed file 'MQC License.txt';
  7. click on the 'Show instructions' button in MQConvert and read the few instructions necessary for using the program.

Version information

MQConvert runs under MS-Windows ® XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
The build code of the most recent release of MQConvert is '25apr13'.